Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I register as a retailer at JiMATBIZ?
You may easily register by filling in the retailer registration form at Our team will verify your account. Upon successful registration, we will send you an email notification within 72 hours.

2. Does it cost me to join JiMATBIZ?
No, it’s free to join.


1. How can I enjoy the Inventory credit support?
Fill in the retailer’s registration form and email your SSM and 3 months bank statement to us at Upon successful registration, we will send you an email notification within 72 hours.

2. How much credit support do you provide retailers?
We provide RM10,000 inventory credit support to all verified retailers for all purchases at You may enjoy increased inventory credit support with early repayments.

3. Can I get a credit-term?
Yes, you can. We provide a 30 day credit-term upon delivery of goods to you.


1. How can I place an order on JiMATBIZ?
It’s super easy to order with us. Simply login, click Restock > Brands / Products at Dropbox / Search Box > Select products & quantity > Checkout > Pending Approval > Approve.

2. How can I track my orders?
You will receive a notification by text and/or call from Suppliers before delivery.

3. How will my orders be delivered to me?
Your orders will be sent by suppliers direct to your location. Suppliers may call you before orders are sent, ensure that the right handphone number is placed in the registration form. You may change your number at My Account at your JiMATBIZ homepage.

4. How long will it take for my orders to be sent?
Delivery time varies between suppliers. Typically, it takes between 3-7 working days to deliver your items.

5. What is the delivery cost?
Delivery to your location is free of charge with typically, Minimum Order of Quantity (MOQ) of RM 400 per supplier. The MOQ may vary amongst suppliers.

6. I have ordered more than 10 days ago and have not received my goods. What should I do?
Kindly contact us at and we will assist you ensuring a smooth delivery to your location at the soonest.

7. If I’m not a business owner, can I still purchase at JiMATBIZ?
Yes, as long as your account is verified, and purchases are made based on the Minimum Order of Quantity (MOQ).


1. How do I make payments for goods ordered?
JiMATBIZ will issue Invoice to you upon goods received. Simply click at Invoice in your JiMATBIZ account. Payments can be made via cheque or online banking. Payment details are placed in the Invoice.

2. When can I request to return items and ask for a refund?
If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here to help. You may request to return items and ask for a refund with the following reasons:

  • Items are Damaged - The product arrived with damaged exterior packaging. The item should remain unopened, and 3 clear photographs should be taken of the product.
  • Items are Defective - The product arrived with damaged interiors, only noticeable after packaging has been opened.
  • Wrong Product - The product SKU does not match the Purchase Order.
  • Items are Expired – The product is expired or less than 3 months before expiry date.

Fill in the form below and send it to back us.

You may refer to our Return & Refund Policy.


1. I need my orders urgently. Can I get it as soon as possible?
Delivery time varies between suppliers, some suppliers require longer lead time in order to fulfill your requested order. Several suppliers do in fact supplies to urgent delivery.

2. I did not receive the full order. How will you place invoices on my orders?
Invoices are issued from JiMATBIZ based on goods received. In this case, the suppliers inventory may have run out of stock at your location in that particular week. You may place a new order.


1. How do I contact JiMATBIZ?
JiMATBIZ's Customer care is operational 24/7. If you require any assistance,
you can email us at

Our Customer Service Executive will be happy to assist you.